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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Itaipú Technological Park concluded report for launch of first Paraguayan satellite

Itaipú Technological Park (Spanish: Parque Tecnológico Itaipú, PTI) prepared the final feasibility report of the first satellite mission in Paraguay. The initiative also includes the Concejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de Paraguay (Conacyt) (National Council of Science and Technology of Paraguay), with support from Itaipu Binacional and the Argentine company Invap. The engineer Enrique Buzarquis, leader of the project, said that the telecommunications satellite is the best option for the country.

The idea is to put two devices into orbit. In the first mission they will place an Earth observation satellite, which would cost about US$3 million and could be put into orbit in two years. The second mission, focused on the geostationary satellite, would require an investment of approximately US$90 million: the objective is to boost connectivity to the Internet in schools, hospitals, police stations and other sensitive institutions of the State to reduce the digital divide.

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Chevrolet reconnects its models to Wifi

The Cruze model includes Wifi connectivity through a 4G chip. At the end of November Onix was also incorporated.  

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Broadband Law regulation modified by decree

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Between fantasy and reality, a holding company would like to partner with Telefónica HispAm

There is plenty of speculation about the group of Latin American businessmen who would have offered € 10,000 million for 51% of the Spanish operator's business in Latin America (except Brazil).

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Mobile video: Integration with digital players and the generation of own content move operators

For mobile operators, who seek to enter the game content, the almost obligatory step of generating original content is added to make their profitable systems, with aggregation as a key point. The video streaming component stomps as a component of Movistar network traffic: it constitutes 48%, compared to the 40% it represented in 2018.

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Brazilian spectrum auction may be the largest individual auction in the world

The bidding model will be the key to envision the final collection that some estimate at US$ 6 billion. The Ministry of Economy will be decisive in determining the type of contest.

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