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On-line advertising: The only portal dedicated to telecommunications world.

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  • Analysis articles: Twice a week as long as your spot in A Diario Latino lasts
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  • Advertorials (e-mail blast): an ideal spot to launch products and services, to communicate company’s new achievements, or to explain your technology in potential customers’ auditorium.
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Convergencialatina Maps

Since 2000, Convergencialatina has maintained an innovation way, publishing maps that facilitate the dynamism of the different telecommunications segments. Maps have a reading period and an annual consultation. Moreover, there is an interesting phenomenon: readers showed them, hand them, mount them as frames, and stick them against the wall. That is why, advertising on maps ensure you a place on the attention of those who use them during the whole year and those who discover them in other executives’ offices. Each map edition has a circulation of 25,000 issues and they are distributed among our subscribers, through selected mailing and in the most important events of the region.
Available maps:

Latin American Regional Players Map
Latin American and the Caribbean Cellular Map
Latin American Satellite Map
Latin American Convergence Map

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Convergencialatina Yearbooks

Technologies sudden evolution is causing that every month thorough changes are produced in the services being offered by communications companies; as a consequence of a continuous change in the business model. Mergers, technological advancements, and new market strategies have been constant in the last year. That is why Convergencialatina presents its Cellular and Broadband Yearbooks, where not only all the sectors news can be found but also the way in which the main players of those markets envision the future.

Available Yearbooks:

Latin American Broadband Yearbook
Cellular Yearbook

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Telefónica earnings rise 4.9% in second quarter
Gedeon Santos: The State is back, not to crush but to facilitate private development
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