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Argentina | Special Coverag... 19-09-14
ATVC 2014: Macri hopes to meet the demands of cable companies "from another postion"  
In a hostile environment with telephone companies and Directv, the head of the city promised to decrease problems that afflict cable TV operators, if elected president.
Regional | Special Coverag... 19-09-14
Relationship between regulators and local governments, axis of ATVC’s debate
Mexican and Spanish markets in the context of consolidation of convergence. The role of the state and the need for stricter measures to benefit users.

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Complete article
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Brazil | Mergers
Telefónica complets GVT purchase at €7.200 billion  
The Spanish group Vivendi signed a final agreement for the operation, which includes a payment in cash of €4.663 billion plus 12% of the share capital...
Argentina | Mobile
Nextel and Cablevision decline to participate in spectrum tender  
The opening of envelopes of those who will submit their bids for mobile frequencies was held yesterday. Movistar, Personal, Claro and Arlink, fro...
Mexico | Media
IFETEL successful over Televisa: Court not to move forward on protective injunctions on prevalence
The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Ifetel (Telecom regulator) was favored in the 18 cases brought by subsidiaries of Grupo Te...
Fixed Telephony in Chile  

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G2Money and Payments Latam 2014
M2M Innovation World Congress
NFC World Congress 2014 (Mobile Proximity: Services, Innovation and Business)
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Redes de Gobierno 2014: digital connection cases in Patagonia provinces
Gedeon Santos: The State is back, not to crush but to facilitate private development