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Convergencialatina´s Maps are info-graphic tools that enable you to know the setting within a certain telecom sector in Latin American at a mere glance.

As part of the news service, our subscribers get all the Maps, and their updates.

"Free trials" do not include getting Convergencialatina´s Maps for free.

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Last published map 28/10/2013
Carriers Map 2013

We decided to launch a new Map to show in detail the infrastructure supporting 55 million fixed broadband accesses and 150 million mobile broadband accesses.

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 Other maps
Regional Players Map 2013

Technological convergence has fully landed in Latin America: the trend in large corporate groups (América Móvil, Telefónica) is to focus their efforts on unifying their business units

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Satellites Map in Latin America 2013

21.3% will belong to C band, 34.4% to Ku band, 8.8% to L band, and the Ka band will have 34.8% as from Star One new generation satellites.

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Media and Telecommunications Map of Uruguay

In its first edition, seeks to represent the complex structure of broadcasting and telecommunications sectors in one of the leading countries throughout Latin America.

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Cellular Map in Latin America 2013

For 2013, the region is expected to define a profile of use of this technology: beyond going at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, it is still unclear “what for” is 4G.

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Regional Players Map 2012

The region’s relevance regarding macro-economics terms will continue strengthening. Telecom Italia, Telefónica and Tigo are increasingly more dependant on the revenue coming from Latin America

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Satellites Map in Latin America 2012

The growth of DTH, broadband services and mobile satellite is a promising framework to launch new satellites with total or partial footprint in the region.

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Regional Players Map 2011

The hegemonic consolidation of América Movil and Telefónica strengthens with the need of both groups to structure their operations to face new competition modalities required by full convergence.

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Satellites Map in Latin America 2011

Increase n the use of satellite services in State Networks takes place together with a larger participation of Government in space projects: at least 35% of the launchings scheduled for the period 2011-2014 belong to State initiatives.

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Mobile Map in Latin America 2012

In 2012, operators will be focused on moving forwards 4G and on boosting data consumption so as to keep business vital. 4G would reach the region through high bands (1.7GHz-2.1 GHz-2.5 GHz). The destination of the 700 MHz band is still being discussed. So far, only Uruguay, has released bad so as to offer mobile services.

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Last update: 19-09-14
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