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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

NPlay 2016

Pontis Technologies presents an integrated and superior proposal for linear TV

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Brasil · Mobile · Pay TV · Spectrum


Dispute over the 600 MHz band reaches Citel

Brasil · Regulation · Politics · Operators


Policy and communications in Temer’s hour (first delivery)

Changes in policy and its consequences in the sector

A little more than a year after Michel Temer's administration, the telecommunications and broadcasting sector in Brazil faces more political, regulatory and legal instability than before. Deregulatory and privatizing attempts find obstacles and drivers, but the uncertainty of the immediate political future prevails in decisions, both public and private.

Argentina · Regulation


The political course offers more guarantees than the lack of legal certainty

The promised Convergent Law will remain postponed. In the meantime, concerns are about the progress of regulations, gaps in the new regulation, or the multiplicity of interlocutors between authorities.

Colombia · Internet & OTT


CLT 2017

Of 42,000 transactions in Colombia, only 2% are electronic

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