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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

ITU Forum on Smart Cities

Nietzsche and Freud or Aristotle and Kant: how to think about ethics in Big Data

During the panel "Data Revolution: Big Data Ethics and Analytics", Guilherme Canela, Mercosur's counselor, asked what is the ethical discussion that should be given to the advances. "What do we do with connected Barbie dolls that capture information about the children playing, with the algorithms that calculate a sentence even before a case develops? All these situations are happening. What do we have to do? It is not necessary to invent new rights but to return to the principles and apply existing rights. For Canela the ethical debate is important from the point of view of the business, in terms of generating and guaranteeing trust.

Esteban Russell, a lawyer specializing in telecommunications, talked about many thinkers to demystify the uselessness of the philosophical discussion on the subject. And he raised the dilemma of ethics as it should be or as something, for example, a construction that helps achieve the goal. " The failure or success of ethics will be related to how the directors of companies, investors, etc. understand what ethics is like "Those who have an ethical look that prevents us from moving forward, will apply it with less enthusiasm to those who see it as a way to achieve sustainable development. According to Russell, one should not fall into the naivety of the "ethic of prosperity" and admit that in the short term, ethical decisions can generate difficulties but in the medium and long term they are always more profitable.

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Grupo Elektra launches its MVO with Altán Redes infrastructure

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Last meeting of ITU-T Study Group 5 achieved consent on 16 Recommendations

This meeting, attended by 110 participants, was held in Geneva from 13- 22 May 2019. A new focus group on environmental efficiency for artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies -FGAI4EE-, which will have its first meeting in Vienna on October 15, was also created.

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The creation of CFE Telecommunications faces operational, financial and legal challenges

The new operator of the Mexican State, promoted by President AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador), has an initial budget of US$ 32.6 million and infrastructure of the Federal Electricity Commission. Its goal is to connect 75% of the national geography and provide free Internet and solidarity rates to residential users.

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Taxation of new platforms of the digital economy

France went ahead with the creation of a tax that angered the US, but to which Italy, Austria, Poland and the Republic will surely join in the short term. In Latin America, regulators plan to tax OTTs, but there are no uniform criteria and so far taxes fall on the final consumer.

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