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Friday, May 24, 2019

Special Edition: WeDo Technologies – The Fifth Element of Risk

Operators in Latin America should simplify their operational systems to address 5G

Some eight operators have announced 5G trials in Latin America, including Antel's pre-commercial launch in early April. However, according to the analysis of Convergencia Research, it will take at least two or three years to see commercial launches that, in addition to technology, bring new IoT businesses, or through network slicing allow differential prices according to the specific connectivity parameter (latency, speed, etc.)

The debates organized by WeDo in WeMeet Europe 2019 considered complexity as the main challenge of 5G and Convergencialatina consulted Barbara Gurjao, responsible for Sales Business Development for the region, about the recommendations for the providers when preparing their operating systems before 5G The executive was blunt: "to be ready for 5G operators must simplify their current systems, since in some cases we have observed in the same operator the coexistence of up to 16 billing systems and 10 CRMs. This is because many current operators are the result of mergers and acquisitions", he said.

Convergencialatina´s journalist traveled invited by WeDo.

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