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Thursday, July 02, 2020

Generation of electronic waste increased 21% in the last 5 years

In 2019, a record of 53.6 million metric tons (Mt) was produced, according to the Global E-waste Monitor 2020, presented by the United Nations. Waste of this type is estimated to reach 74 Mt in 2030, which means a doubling in 16 years. These indicators show that electronic waste is the greatest growth among household waste, due to its higher energy consumption, shorter equipment life cycles and chances of repair.

Only 17.4% of electronic waste was collected and recycled last year. In other words, materials valued at US$ 57 billion were discarded or burned, instead of treated for reuse.

Asia is responsible for the largest volume (24.9 Mt), followed by America (13.1 Mt) and Europe (12 Mt).

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