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Friday, September 25, 2020

Carriers Map Day 2020

The Malbec submarine cable will be operational by the end of the year

The 2,600 km GlobeNet and Facebook line will link Rio de Janeiro, San Pablo, Las Toninas and Buenos Aires, with a transmission latency of 26.7 milliseconds (between San Pablo and the PoP in Pacheco, Buenos Aires). This was detailed yesterday by the GlobeNet Regional Sales Director, Gabriel Marteleur, during Carriers Map Day, organized by Convergencia.

Malbec will be integrated into the GlobeNet submarine network, which will total 26,000 kilometers. According to the operator, the new line will double the current international connectivity to Argentina. For the project, two new mooring stations will be installed -in Praia Grande and Las Toninas, in addition to the existing one in Rio de Janeiro-, and there will be PoPs in Pacheco and Chacarita, in Buenos Aires, in addition to those in San Pablo and Rio de Janeiro.

GlobeNet CEO Eduardo Falzoni, at Carriers Map Day pointed out the impact of gaming on the subsea cable sector, which generated a new amount of traffic and changed the way of delivering services. “Gaming and the activities that are organized around it, such as events for example, put the emphasis on the quality of the experience. It is necessary to shorten the distance between users, and between users and the gaming platform. This is achieved with shorter cables, different routes, or greater innovation”, the official expressed. In Argentina, between the first half of 2019 and the same period of 2020, gaming traffic increased by 70%.

On October 22, Convergencia will organize a specific event on the new GlobeNet line, the “Malbec Unboxed”.

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