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Monday, September 28, 2020

Carriers Map Day 2020

Geographic diversity and backhaul, two strongholds of EllaLink project

The 6,000-kilometer laying between Portugal and Brazil, which will start operations between April and May 2021, has geographical diversity as unique differential, said Philippe Dumont, CEO of EllaLink, in his presentation at the Carriers Map Day. “Having a good backhaul is as important as the submarine cable. Our backhaul in Europe provides great improvements in the Iberian Peninsula. Our differential is not in services but in the way we want to connect Europe and Latin America”, he highlighted.

The EllaLink is 75% built. Dumont acknowledged that they are aware that it will not handle the same traffic as those on the Brazil-United States route. For the design and formulation of the project, they made a balance between capacity and costs, whereby the number of fiber pairs was the main decision they had to make. “We decided to have four fiber pairs. Most of the cables are larger. The EllaLink will be smaller”, he admitted.

As part of the focus on backhaul, a landing station is being built in Sines, Portugal. It not only aims to serve the EllaLink, but it will be a new station for other submarine cables. Faced with the trend in the industry to reuse existing sites (Praia Grande and Santos, for example, in Brazil), in this case it is a totally new facility. In addition to the landing station, it will have backhaul to connect Sines with Lisbon and Madrid, and from there the land laying continues to Marseille, the arrival point for many cables to Asia.

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