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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Orbital ATK wants to have a complete fleet of satellite maintenance vehicles

The manufacturer is currently developing EMV1 and EMV2, which were contracted by Intelsat to make improvements in orbit to the Intelsat 9 series and other devices. The next step is to add robotic tools to add precision to tasks in space, ranging from refueling to component replacement.

The satellite sector explores options to make the fleets in orbit profitable and save on manufacturing and launching, either with landings in the LEO segment or reuse components of launch vehicles. A third variant that operators begin to evaluate is to maintain their satellites in orbit (in-orbit servicing) to extend their useful life after fifteen years, with three objectives: to increase the value of investments; explore new geographical markets with the transfer to new orbital positions; and in the future, enable more advanced capabilities with infrastructure already deployed.

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Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications22/07/2020

School on a screen: The Juan Manso Plan seeks to bring connectivity, devices and content to public schools

The portal, the state society in charge of providing digital tools to education, has been present for 20 years. Due to the pandemic, its managers had to renew it and adapt it in a few weeks.

Argentina · Satellites20/07/2020

Saocom’s project places local science and industry at the forefront

The launch of the Saocom 1B satellite, a twin of its predecessor, 1A, in orbit since October 2018, was scheduled for March 30. Like so many things that the coronavirus pandemic delayed, the launch of Saocom 1B aboard the rocket SpaceX's Falcon 9 was postponed, and will finally materialize next Saturday. For Argentina, the leap into these devices constitutes a true milestone in terms of science and development, since the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology was totally unknown.

Peter Larrea - Credit: ABE

Peter Larrea - Credit: ABE

Bolivia · Satellites11/06/2020

TKSAT-1 satellite “recalculates” faced with end user and markets outside Bolivia

The device operated by the Agencia Boliviana Espacial (ABE) (Bolivian Space Agency) and launched in 2013, currently reaches 66% of used capacity. For this reason, Peter Larrea, director of the ABE, explained to Convergencialatina the alternatives they are exploring to diversify business.

Brasil · Mobile · Satellites27/05/2020

Interferences with satellite TV obscures 5G spectrum tender

The need to expand guardbands reduces the 400 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band available to operators nationwide. The reformulation will take the contest to 2021.

Regional · Satellites20/05/2020

Intelsat bets on the mobility vertical with a new model for rural areas in Latin America

Juan Pablo Cofino, Regional VP for Latin America and the Caribbean of the satellite operator, assured Convergencialatina that operations in the region will not be affected by the judicial recovery process in the United States. He ruled out layoffs and estimated that the financial restructuring will take between six and twelve months.

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