Thursday, April 05, 2018

Orbital ATK wants to have a complete fleet of satellite maintenance vehicles

The manufacturer is currently developing EMV1 and EMV2, which were contracted by Intelsat to make improvements in orbit to the Intelsat 9 series and other devices. The next step is to add robotic tools to add precision to tasks in space, ranging from refueling to component replacement.

The satellite sector explores options to make the fleets in orbit profitable and save on manufacturing and launching, either with landings in the LEO segment or reuse components of launch vehicles. A third variant that operators begin to evaluate is to maintain their satellites in orbit (in-orbit servicing) to extend their useful life after fifteen years, with three objectives: to increase the value of investments; explore new geographical markets with the transfer to new orbital positions; and in the future, enable more advanced capabilities with infrastructure already deployed.

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Regional · Satellites01/10/2019

SES: the predominance of geostationary satellites will remain, though they must be hybrid and programmable

Jurandir Pitsch, vice president of Sales at SES for Latin America and the Caribbean, told Convergencialatina that the most important investments will go to middle and low orbits, but much of the satellites launched at GEO are new and are 10 years away from being replaced.

Brasil · Pay TV02/09/2019

Economy and politics come together to change rules of the game on Brazilian pay TV

The conflict over Fox's linear channels and the approval of the purchase of Time Warner by AT&T, are the triggers of a regulatory framework that became obsolete faced with technology advancement.

Regional · Satellites27/08/2019

LEO satellites: The business model is not clear but projects mobilize the entire industry

By 2021 the commercial services offer of new constellations in low orbit is expected, reaching up to 12,000 artifacts in the case of Amazon, the largest initiative. They promise a lower latency as attractive, although here are still too many unknowns regarding regulatory and market issues.

Guatemala · Pay TV18/06/2019

Guatemala: Piracy in pay TV market generates annual losses of more than US$51 million

Pay TV market share in Guatemala is led by Tigo, with a 25% share after the purchase of Cable DX in mid-2018.

Brasil · Satellites19/04/2018

Brazilian satellite operation also remains in the hands of Justice

Objections to the contract signed between the state company Telebras and the US company Via Sat, for the commercial exploitation of the SGDC-1 satellite will be decided in courts. Because of the conflict, the Minister of Communications, Gilberto Kassab, sees his aspirations to govern the state of Sao Paulo move away.

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A DIARIO LATINO 19-01-2020

Perú · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications 17/01/2020

3,012 complaints for computer crimes were registered in 2019

Costa Rica · E-Government 17/01/2020

MICITT presents guidelines for digital technologies

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