Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Intel's announcements cover a broad spectrum of future businesses

The company announced that before the end of the year it will start using 10-nanometer chips for its processors. Until now, they used 14 nanometer technology and the new development will allow them to manufacture smaller processors with less consumption and heating. One of the chips with 10 nm that will be available at the end of the year is the Ice Lake for ultralight equipment and will enable the manufacturing of computers without losing compatibility with the X86 architecture on which most operating systems and conventional PC applications are mounted.

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Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications25/06/2019

Argentina seeks to join the rise of eSports

The Argentine Association of Electronic Sports seeks to regulate the activity and generate a framework of professionalism. Although it could be thought that most of the players are in Capital Federal or Greater Buenos Aires, the segment is moving strong in the interior: one of the emblematic cases is the Ice of Santa Cruz League.

Regional · Economy · Politics20/06/2019

Latin America weighs impact of economic war between United States and China

Recently the Brazilian Vice President, Hamilton Mourao, pointed out that government does not intend to penalize or harm Huawei. Mexico is emerging as a possible short-term beneficiary with this panorama, since there are already Chinese companies that are studying the possibility of establishing themselves in this country to avoid trade restrictions.

Argentina · Convergence · Terrestrial Backbones12/06/2019

The need for a collaborative model

Argentina · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions12/06/2019

Torresec expects to finish 2019 with 450 towers installed in the country

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