Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Torresec expects to finish 2019 with 450 towers installed in the country

Cristian Panizzi, general manager of Torresec, said that they have 350 towers installed in the Argentine territory and hope to add another 100 before the end of the year. He also announced that they are exploring FTTH and have begun to venture into fiber optic networks, after evaluating the connectivity needs of municipalities and customers. "The municipalities are thinking of smart cities and we are starting to see the issue of mini datacenters, using our sites to implement them, to have a lower latency and develop,  give connectivity and be closer to the user," said the executive.

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Regional · Submarine Cables · Terrestrial Backbones · Economy · Politics16/07/2019

Bolivia seeks to end its Mediterranean condition through Peru

The next enabling of its connection with the submarine cables of the Pacific is the first step. The use of the Peruvian port of Ilo and the bioceanic train project are also advancing. China sounds like one of the investors interested in the construction of the railway section, which would link the Brazilian coast with the Peruvian coast by 2030, with an estimated investment of US$14 billion. Meanwhile, state-owned Entel Bolivia is venturing into the supply of services in southern Peru.

Regional · Software and Applications · Regulation · E-Government12/07/2019

Blockchain in Latin America: advancing in data harmonization and governments' clearer approaches are crucial for its takeoff

At the global digital services summit (MITA GDS 2019), which continues up today in Buenos Aires, the blockchain appeared as the center of a digital ecosystem, which not only needs interconnected but integrated services. Mexico is the most advanced country in the implementation of this technology, but there is an urgent need to harmonize data and create standards among countries.

Costa Rica · Operators09/07/2019

Customer experience and digital transformation, axes of ICE plan to overcome crisis

Strategy 4.0 presented by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) sets a roadmap for the period 2019-2023. It received harsh criticism and doubts about its transparency. ICE losses during 2018 amounted to US$437 million.

Argentina · Regulation · Operators04/07/2019

CLT 2019

Sector demands simplicity and flexibility to deploy infrastructure

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