Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Torresec expects to finish 2019 with 450 towers installed in the country

Cristian Panizzi, general manager of Torresec, said that they have 350 towers installed in the Argentine territory and hope to add another 100 before the end of the year. He also announced that they are exploring FTTH and have begun to venture into fiber optic networks, after evaluating the connectivity needs of municipalities and customers. "The municipalities are thinking of smart cities and we are starting to see the issue of mini datacenters, using our sites to implement them, to have a lower latency and develop,  give connectivity and be closer to the user," said the executive.

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Globales · Regulation · Economy · E-Government03/10/2019

9th ITU Green Standards Week

The Municipality of Valencia’s digital headquarters already manages about 3 million electronic documents

Regional · Satellites01/10/2019

SES: the predominance of geostationary satellites will remain, though they must be hybrid and programmable

Jurandir Pitsch, vice president of Sales at SES for Latin America and the Caribbean, told Convergencialatina that the most important investments will go to middle and low orbits, but much of the satellites launched at GEO are new and are 10 years away from being replaced.

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