Thursday, June 20, 2019

Latin America weighs impact of economic war between United States and China

Recently the Brazilian Vice President, Hamilton Mourao, pointed out that government does not intend to penalize or harm Huawei. Mexico is emerging as a possible short-term beneficiary with this panorama, since there are already Chinese companies that are studying the possibility of establishing themselves in this country to avoid trade restrictions.

Far from the "trinkets" to which the United States was used to allow them to be manufactured in the Asian giant and invade the world with them, China decided many years ago to play a leading role in the development of high value-added technologies. 5G deployment appears in this context as the jewel of the future of the world economies and the United States is not willing to give up the conqueror's throne. The message for Latin America is clear and the region is practically obliged to choose and take sides, because what is at stake is global hegemony.

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Globales · Regulation · Economy · E-Government03/10/2019

9th ITU Green Standards Week

The Municipality of Valencia’s digital headquarters already manages about 3 million electronic documents

Regional · Satellites01/10/2019

SES: the predominance of geostationary satellites will remain, though they must be hybrid and programmable

Jurandir Pitsch, vice president of Sales at SES for Latin America and the Caribbean, told Convergencialatina that the most important investments will go to middle and low orbits, but much of the satellites launched at GEO are new and are 10 years away from being replaced.

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