Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Argentina seeks to join the rise of eSports

The Argentine Association of Electronic Sports seeks to regulate the activity and generate a framework of professionalism. Although it could be thought that most of the players are in Capital Federal or Greater Buenos Aires, the segment is moving strong in the interior: one of the emblematic cases is the Ice of Santa Cruz League.

The LVP (League of Professional Video Games), which arrived in the country less than a year ago, foresees a hopeful future in the field of competitive video games in 2019. Juan Diego García Squetino, Country Manager of the LVP for Argentina, Chile and Peru; assured that "the objective is to develop electronic sports in the same way as traditional sports." Thus, the regional Super League will be similar to the one in Spain.

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Argentina · Mobile · Fixed Broadband08/10/2019

Changes and evolution in the tower business in Argentina

They combine the classic real estate business with the provision of services. To do this they add the dark fiber laying to their structures. It is a demand of operators and, in some occasions, of municipalities that authorize the towers.

Regional · Mobile · Fixed Broadband · Operators24/09/2019

Latin America tower companies turn to fiber deployments and energy management solutions for their customers

Fiber to the tower or antenna is one of the key elements for 5G deployment. In Brazil, after a phase of recession in the market, they turn towards the search for efficiency and cost reduction, but the permanent obstacles to new facilities slow down the expansion.

Globales · Mobile · Internet & OTT · Regulation13/09/2019

Connected cars: Europe moves towards connectivity standard over 5G

This was decided by the European Commission after a debate on either adopting this technology or WiFi. Among the automakers that support 5G is Mercedes-Benz, one of the most experienced in Car-to-X Communications (C2X). On the other side are Renault, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Globales · Mobile13/09/2019

Combination of sensors and detection of critical situations, main challenges of autonomous driving

Convergencialatina participated this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Two providers of automotive technology systems, Continental and Bosch, trusted the difficulties they face in their experiences with C2X.

Regional · Mobile · Spectrum10/09/2019

Outlook of the transition in Latin America

Time for disputes and assessments on the way to 5G

While Antel de Uruguay tests the first terminals to deploy specific services, in Mexico, Chile and Brazil there is an intense level of discussion about spectrum prices, positioning of each operator against the new technology and the 3.5 Ghz band, respectively.

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