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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Coronavirus puts Mobile World Congress 2020 at risk

Extraordinary events, catastrophes, or epidemics may be among the conditions to suspend or abort a contract. The GSMA would be studying against the clock, if it suspends the 2020 edition of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona due to the well-founded fears caused by the expansion of the coronavirus that, in less than 30 days, put the world on alert. On Friday the GSMA could announce if the event is postponed or suspended.

The die is cast. At this point, the facts lead to infer that the MWC will not be carried out. The GSMA will lose money, also the city of Barcelona, ??the companies that hired spaces and the individuals that have a ticket and a reserved hotel. But doing so can have unthinkable, risky consequences. Dismantling it will be very difficult when the stands are already being built and in a week the participants will start arriving.

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Argentina · Mobile · Regulation01/10/2020

5G in Argentina: operators without urgency and pending regulatory issues

The mobile market lacks news in 5G for 3 reasons: operators do not see an immediate need to move towards the next generation; the pandemic made it necessary to allocate efforts in 2020 to address changes in traffic behavior; and from the regulatory point of view, it is still time for evaluations, even more with the shock of DNU 690. Faced with the current scenario, 5G would only be commercially available in Argentina in 2022.

Globales · Mobile · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions22/09/2020

Private networks for verticals: lobbies battle that is coming in the 5G era

The industrial private 5G raises as requirements the guarantee of coverage and performance, to be able to "orchestrate" multiple assets in motion within the manufacturing field, using multiple applications at the same time, with prioritization of traffic and in a safe environment. Mainly three models are being considered in Europe, Japan and the United States: “do it yourself” (DIY), in which the vertical is encouraged to face an implementation of a mobile network; those led by telcos and hybrids.

Regional · Software and Applications15/09/2020

Geolocation tracking technologies and their persistence beyond Covid-19

Applications for Smart Cities are one of the areas of opportunity for these developments, which today measure social distancing to prevent infections but aim at monitoring public or private transport, retail or wholesale logistics, among other businesses. Latin American firm Ombú Tech Services is looking to install the Turbine solution in the region, from Norway's Unacast.

Brasil · Operators03/09/2020

Oi partial sale may drive deep changes in Brazilian market

As from the approval of the new Judicial Recovery Plan by the creditors, the negotiations to sell the mobile business, the infrastructure business and the Pay TV business will be speeded up.

Regional · Operators20/08/2020

Telecom lost 35,000 mobile clients in Argentina between April and June

Mobile service sales in Paraguay and Argentina totaled US$ 673 million in the first six months of the year.

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