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Thursday, June 11, 2020

TKSAT-1 satellite “recalculates” faced with end user and markets outside Bolivia

The device operated by the Agencia Boliviana Espacial (ABE) (Bolivian Space Agency) and launched in 2013, currently reaches 66% of used capacity. For this reason, Peter Larrea, director of the ABE, explained to Convergencialatina the alternatives they are exploring to diversify business.

Peter Larrea - Credit: ABE

Peter Larrea - Credit: ABE

Last year was highly troubled for politics and institutions of Bolivia. The Agencia Boliviana Espacial (ABE) (Bolivian Space Agency) was not the exception in the change of authorities: Iván Zambrana, who headed the entity, went in June 2019 to serve as Vice Minister of Telecommunications; Iván Siles, who led the ABE until January 2020, succeeded him; Finally, in this instance, Peter Larrea took over, who today is facing a transformation of the agency regarding broadband services for end users and the sale of capacity in foreign markets.

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Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones · Satellites · Politics · Data Center17/09/2020

Argentine government launches the National Connectivity Program

President Alberto Fernández yesterday led the launch of the National Connectivity Program, which provides for a total investment of US$ 504 million to provide fiber optic and satellite connectivity throughout the country. The initiative also contemplates the enhancement of the Arsat Open Digital Television and Data Center infrastructure.

Regional · Satellites08/09/2020

SES, the only "kid on the block" in medium orbit.

Oscar Castillo, General Manager of Sales for Global Governments of the satellite operator, said during the Satellites Map Day organized by Convergencialatina that LEO is "very congested", compared to MEO. By 2021 SES foresees the launch of the SES 17, HTS and with Ka-band capacity over Latin America, combined with the first phase of putting O3b mPower into orbit.

Estados Unidos · Satellites13/08/2020

Mandatory sale of C-band licenses in US revolutionizes satellite world with new fleets and launches

The decision of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), US regulator, to release spectrum in the 3.7-4 GHz band for use in mobile services will entail concrete and costly changes for the industry, because it forces five central players to reassembly their fleets, and even launch new satellites. There will be changes in the Intelsat fleet with tread in Latin America.

Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications22/07/2020

School on a screen: The Juan Manso Plan seeks to bring connectivity, devices and content to public schools

The portal, the state society in charge of providing digital tools to education, has been present for 20 years. Due to the pandemic, its managers had to renew it and adapt it in a few weeks.

Argentina · Satellites20/07/2020

Saocom’s project places local science and industry at the forefront

The launch of the Saocom 1B satellite, a twin of its predecessor, 1A, in orbit since October 2018, was scheduled for March 30. Like so many things that the coronavirus pandemic delayed, the launch of Saocom 1B aboard the rocket SpaceX's Falcon 9 was postponed, and will finally materialize next Saturday. For Argentina, the leap into these devices constitutes a true milestone in terms of science and development, since the Synthetic Aperture Radar technology was totally unknown.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-09-2020

Argentina · Regulation · Economy 18/09/2020

Knowledge Economy Law remains on hold in the Senate

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones · Satellites · Politics · Data Center 17/09/2020

Argentine government launches the National Connectivity Program

Globales · Mobile · Operators 16/09/2020

Rakuten and Telefónica to cooperate in developing OpenRAN

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