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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

SES, the only "kid on the block" in medium orbit.

Oscar Castillo, General Manager of Sales for Global Governments of the satellite operator, said during the Satellites Map Day organized by Convergencialatina that LEO is "very congested", compared to MEO. By 2021 SES foresees the launch of the SES 17, HTS and with Ka-band capacity over Latin America, combined with the first phase of putting O3b mPower into orbit.

Since 2014, the satellite operator has been the only one with the provision of MEO services, with a fleet of 20 satellites. When combined with its 54 geostationary artifacts (3 of them HTS), it reaches a coverage of 99% of the world population. Oscar Castillo, General Manager of Sales for Global Governments, compared the proven services of this network at MEO to a low orbit plagued with launch announcements, but “very congested”. He also recalled that the objective of SES with these fleets is not the residential business - like OneWeb in LEO - but B2B services.

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Uruguay · Pay TV · Internet & OTT05/11/2020

Uruguayan SME cable companies and their own OTT to maintain independence

The Uruguayan Chamber of TV for Subscribers has been doing “Cable Play” internal tests, which this month will be available in a first version. Based on the Vera platform, owned by Antel, the incursion into an OTT constitutes a “strategic definition” for the 80 CUTA associates, as it aims to maintain the profile of independent cable carriers from the interior of the country, as defined Washington Melo, leader of CUTA.

Argentina · Satellites29/10/2020

VENG prepares VLE for 2024, the first milestone on a promising path for local industry launchers

The firm is the executing arm of the CONAE (Argentine National Commission for Space Activities). The design and manufacture is divided into three parts: flight segment, ground, and operations services. Each stage has a life cycle, which begins with the study of concepts, followed by assembly, integration and testing. Meanwhile, a private venture, run by LIA Aerospace, is advancing to launch low-orbit satellites.

Argentina · Satellites19/10/2020

Argentina’s 3rd satellite construction progressing

The investment will be US$ 250 million and officials estimate that it will pay itself off in five years. Arsat president, Pablo Tognetti, explained to Convergencia that the satellite, with an estimated useful life of 15 years, would bill about US$ 750 million.

Regional · Pay TV · Internet & OTT09/10/2020

SME cable companies in Latin America, faced with the challenge of subsisting

Chambers from Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina participated in a virtual forum. The collection came to fall 50% in the first months of the pandemic in some cases. A "derogatory treatment" on the part of the programmers, who demand increases for the renewal of content contracts, even in this scenario is denounced. And in turn, these content providers become competitors of the cable companies as they transfer exclusive content from pay TV programming schedules to their own OTTs.

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones · Satellites · Politics · Data Center17/09/2020

Argentine government launches the National Connectivity Program

President Alberto Fernández yesterday led the launch of the National Connectivity Program, which provides for a total investment of US$ 504 million to provide fiber optic and satellite connectivity throughout the country. The initiative also contemplates the enhancement of the Arsat Open Digital Television and Data Center infrastructure.

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