Satellite Map Day, 24 jun 2021, 10 AM ART - 8AM CDT
Friday, April 16, 2021

NPlay Cono Sur 2021

ICT chambers request authorization to raise rates by 15% due to cost increases and inflationary projection

The president of the Internet Chamber (Cabase), Ariel Graizer, reported that the companies have asked Enacom to authorize an increase in that proportion from May and June. The order also reaches the Universal Basic Benefit (PBU). 

Grazier spoke this morning at the closing of the NPlay Cono Sur 2021 event organized by Grupo Convergencia, where he shared a space with Marcelo Tulissi, head of the Argentine Chamber of SME Cable Operators (CACPY); Marcelo de Ambrosio, from the Argentine Chamber of Small Internet Providers (CAPPI); and Miguel Pesado, from the Professional Council of Engineering in Telecommunications, Electronics and Computing of the Argentine Republic (COPITEC). 

Tulissi backed the request with warnings about the inflationary trend and criticism of DNU 690. 

De Ambrosio agreed with his peers and added a request for price controls from carriers as well as fine tuning for subsidies, so that they serve to help the populations most in need of connectivity.

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