MWC 2019
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Mobile Revolution Latin America 2016

"What customer wants is access to OTT"

Releasing private networks, commoditizating minutes and unlocking equipment, among proposals to make 4G massive, besides not disappointing users’ expectations.

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Last news and analysis

Regional · Satellites


Orbith consolidates business in Argentina and projects its regional expansion

Since it launched its service in March, Orbith has added 1,500 satellite Internet clients in Argentina, and incorporates 400 new subscribers per month with projections of a higher growth as its 20 distributors -between ISPs and cable operators- add customers and disseminate the service . The company plans to expand to other countries in the region through the incorporation of capacity in a new satellite.

Globales · Economy · Politics


G20: Foundations of the digital economy discussed against the background of the commercial war

As of Friday, the top leaders of the countries that concentrate 85% of the world's GDP will meet in Buenos Aires. The agenda of the summit is shaded by the conflict of tariffs between China and the United States, and in laying the foundations for the expansion of the digital economy.

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