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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Mobile Revolution Latin America 2016

"What customer wants is access to OTT"

Releasing private networks, commoditizating minutes and unlocking equipment, among proposals to make 4G massive, besides not disappointing users’ expectations.

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Uruguay · Mobile · Convergence


Antel to invest US$ 2 million in its pioneering 5G experience during 2019

The president of the Uruguayan state operator, Andrés Tolosa, gave an interview to Convergencialatina just over a month after the launch of 5G. He recalled the milestone of April 9 last as "a first step in the technological evolution of 5G, with restricted operations to make experience and generate know-how in our technicians. It is a continuum that must be done as an operator. And it's better to start as soon as possible, not wait, because that time will be a problem for future learning. "

Globales · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions


Despite the veto, Huawei develops its own components and continues with the 5G deployment

Argentina · Politics


With a 12-minute message, Cristina Kirchner blew up the Argentine political board

Last Saturday at 9 in the morning, the ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK) announced through social networks, in a 12-minute video, that Alberto Fernández, a Peronist politician, would be a presidential candidate and she, the vice president. Surprise, bewilderment and cataclysmic effects.

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