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Friday, May 24, 2019

Special Edition: WeDo Technologies – The Fifth Element of Risk

WeDo introduced RAID 8.1 with focus on 5G

The new version of risk management and revenue assurance software for operators was presented this week in Cascais (Portugal), during the annual WeDo event. It aims for operators to have information in real time to support the new business models that are expected to emerge with 5G.

RAID 8.1 incorporates new data processing capabilities in real time and greater integration of big data by accepting new file formats and compression modes. It also has APIs for external systems to access RAID and uninterrupted automated risk controls, and new modules based on Machine Learning (ML) to implement faster business assurance functions, among others. The version can be contracted as a platform in the cloud or in the client's datacenter (on premise).

"As the number of connected devices begins to grow at an alarming rate, the maintenance of efficient business operations and billing is critical to the success of IoT services, and our goal is to deliver software that protects Internet providers. Risk services during these times of change, with a focus on the transformation of the Operations Support System (OSS), the consolidation of systems and the operations of network monetization, RAID 8.1 was designed not only to ensure the use of physical assets , but also to maximize the benefits and attributes of SDN, NFV and Edge Computing, "said Rui Paiva, CEO of WeDo Technologies.

Alvaro Ribeiro, CTO of WeDo, presented the RAID roadmap until 2021. Next year, they expect to announce version 8.2, and by 2021, 9.0. The improvements include the incorporation of new applications in the Raid Cloud option, new modules in the Bussiness Assurance block, the use of machine learning (ML) embedded in the different tasks, as well as ML options in the cloud.

Convergencialatina´s journalist traveled invited by WeDo.

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