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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Under-utilization of backbone network and spectrum rearrangement mark MTC agenda

Currently, only 10% of the optical fiber network is used, complicating the goal of reaching 60% of localities with more than 100 inhabitants with fixed or mobile Internet access by 202. In the meantime, a real "Mhz by Mhz fight" is being experienced with the operators for the proposals of frequency rearranging.

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WRC-19: Crash of positions around ESIMs and non-geostationary satellites

In the first week of the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference, which takes place in Egypt, Korea and Iran defend their own approach on earth stations in motion (ESIM), compared to the rest of the countries. Satellite coordination procedures for satellites in non-geostationary orbit are emerging as one of the issues of difficult consensus until the end of the meeting.

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In third quarter TIM's earnings grew 61.4%

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Telefónica net profit fell between 50% between January and September due to laying off plan in Spain

It stood at € 1.344 billion, affected by restructuring costs (€ 1.876 billion) for the reduction of its workforce in Spain, in 2,636 workers. Without this expense, the profits would have amounted to € 2,588 billion. This report already shows the departure of Telefónica from Panama, Nicaragua and Guatemala, whereby the access base is reduced by 8.6 million (7.6 million in the mobile prepaid segment).

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Futurecom 2019

Rajeev Suri and the three revolutions that industry 4.0 will bring

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