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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

ENACOM foresees 93% of population to be reached with 4G by late 2019

Present at The Latin America Mobile Revolution, Silvana Giudici, president of the Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM), reviewed the infrastructure plan, with the goal of reaching 2020 with 20 GB of fixed Internet speed and a deployment which she estimates to be 93% of population to be reached with 4G by late 2019.

The officer anticipated that they plan to cover 14,000 km of routes throughout the country with Internet connection, 1,400 locations having between 500 and 10,000 inhabitants. As for the distribution of tablets for older adults, in 2018 they delivered a total of 100,000 and expect this year to end with the same number. "We want the market to be competitive, with a robust industry and networks' users to have the best quality of information available in networks that provide services at a low price", said Giudici.

She said that it is aimed to improve the competitiveness of the market through the protection of small operators. In this regard, she recalled the delivery of subsidies for the deployment and expansion of networks in small towns, and the granting of subsidized credit lines for localities of 50,000 inhabitants with a favorable rate for operators. And she highlighted another axis of the regulator: the simplification of the procedures to obtain licenses. A total of 1,213 licenses of ICT services and 43 of MVNO have been delivered.

According to data from the entity, from 2015 to 2019, fiber to the home was increased by 100%, reaching a penetration of 58 million lines (131%); 2,300 locations with 4G, and the use of mobile data was multiplied by five. Regarding the security policy, Giudici highlighted as a record achievement in the region, that Argentina nominated 95% of prepaid subscriptions, with a result of a 20% decrease in mobiles theft.

In line with ITU recommendations, ENACOM plans to expand spectrum availability for the coming years and reach 950 MHz. It also made reference to the allocation of the 450 MHz band for the provision of data transmission service and Internet access.

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