Monday, August 19, 2019

Movistar CEO asks for legal certainty and equal conditions to compete in 5G

Roberto Muñoz, president and CEO of Movistar Chile, says he is worried about Subtel's schedule to return spectrum, according to which his company should do so in 11 months, and proposes a two-year term to return the spectrum ordered by the Supreme Court. To decide how they will do it, Muñoz asks that they first define the Cap, so they can know what is the most efficient way from the perspective of resources and the impact that it could have on customers. As for the criticisms of other operators who accuse Movistar of delaying the deployment of 5G by not investing, Muñoz stressed that in the last four years his company has been the largest investor in telecommunications in Chile.

Muñoz also asked to redefine the rules of the game in order to sustain the required investments. He said that to attract investors, the country must offer higher returns than the current ones. According to Muñoz, Chile has some cost overruns that are very large in infrastructure development.

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