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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

P.P.Sat 1 occupies 81 º west orbital position

The satellite that the Government leased to occupy the 81º west orbital position from the Canadian company Telesat temporally, would allow Argentina to fulfil the occupation for two months.  The date to occupy the orbital position expired today, but was extended by the Unión Internacional de Telecomunicaciones (UIT). The P.P.Sat 1 would only be in orbit for two months, due to that it will run out of fuel and “released” in space. On the other hand, the Government is currently negotiating with a US fleet, Intelsat so that the satellite company fulfils the same function up until they could send the ArSat satellite. (Note: P.P.Sat 1 is the name that the Argentine Government granted to the ArSat system before the UIT).

The Argentine Government will present to the UIT, through the Comisión Nacional de Comunicaciones (CNC), its intention of coordinating more orbital positions available throughout the world. The initiative focuses on that ArSat, the satellite company that the Government impels, obtain world importance.

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