Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lincoln Oliveira: "Satellite sector lives the biggest transformation in 30 years"

The director General and VP of Star One based this change on expectations and upcoming launches for low orbit. In an interview with Convergencialatina during Satellite 2018, Oliveira indicated that the company analyzes the LEO segment for its potential to occupy new market areas, such as IoT, image capture and part of 5G upcoming applications.

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Guatemala · Pay TV18/06/2019

Guatemala: Piracy in pay TV market generates annual losses of more than US$51 million

Pay TV market share in Guatemala is led by Tigo, with a 25% share after the purchase of Cable DX in mid-2018.

Brasil · Satellites19/04/2018

Brazilian satellite operation also remains in the hands of Justice

Objections to the contract signed between the state company Telebras and the US company Via Sat, for the commercial exploitation of the SGDC-1 satellite will be decided in courts. Because of the conflict, the Minister of Communications, Gilberto Kassab, sees his aspirations to govern the state of Sao Paulo move away.

Globales · Satellites05/04/2018

Orbital ATK wants to have a complete fleet of satellite maintenance vehicles

The manufacturer is currently developing EMV1 and EMV2, which were contracted by Intelsat to make improvements in orbit to the Intelsat 9 series and other devices. The next step is to add robotic tools to add precision to tasks in space, ranging from refueling to component replacement.

Globales · Satellites22/03/2018

Launchers diversify and adapt their rockets to accompany the "fever" for low orbit

The small satellites for LEO orbiting market demands more launching opportunities, lower costs and new sites from which to launch the rockets. The industry responds with artifacts in different variants and sizes, and shared-trip missions to place more satellites in orbit.

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A DIARIO LATINO 24-08-2019

Colombia · Internet & OTT · Regulation 23/08/2019

Duque: ICT Law will attract investments around US$ 3 billion

México · Mobile · Internet & OTT · Operators 23/08/2019

Grupo Elektra launches its MVO with Altán Redes infrastructure

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