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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Brazilian satellite operation also remains in the hands of Justice

Objections to the contract signed between the state company Telebras and the US company Via Sat, for the commercial exploitation of the SGDC-1 satellite will be decided in courts. Because of the conflict, the Minister of Communications, Gilberto Kassab, sees his aspirations to govern the state of Sao Paulo move away.

As from the so-called "Lava Jato" operation whereby politicians from fourteen parties are imprisoned or prosecuted for cases of corruption, Brazilian justice has become in recent years a fundamental cornerstone in daily life. In this context, the telecommunications sector, which in recent times has seen the judicialization of the most varied issues, could not be outside. The last one: the contract signed between the state company Telebras and the US company Via Sat, for the commercial exploitation of the first Brazilian satellite, the SGDC-1.

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Brasil · Mobile · Satellites27/05/2020

Interferences with satellite TV obscures 5G spectrum tender

The need to expand guardbands reduces the 400 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band available to operators nationwide. The reformulation will take the contest to 2021.

Regional · Satellites20/05/2020

Intelsat bets on the mobility vertical with a new model for rural areas in Latin America

Juan Pablo Cofino, Regional VP for Latin America and the Caribbean of the satellite operator, assured Convergencialatina that operations in the region will not be affected by the judicial recovery process in the United States. He ruled out layoffs and estimated that the financial restructuring will take between six and twelve months.

Regional · Satellites18/05/2020

For Globalstar, the recent maritime regulations in the region will make satellite IoT grow exponentially

The operator has 72 satellites in low orbit, of which 24 are second generation. Its focus is on the Internet of Things, with satellite communication modules that transmit data with solar panels, a promising market within its largest vertical, which will allow it to expand the market in oil and maritime areas.

Globales · Satellites15/05/2020

Satellite sector has its keys in Band C and Intelsat and OneWeb decline

Yesterday Intelsat announced that it will subject to Chapter 11 in the United States, just as OneWeb did in March. Intelsat has financial difficulties and indebtedness, but it also faces the double dilemma in the face of the FCC's imposition to sell band C licenses for satellites and allocate them to mobile services.  

Argentina · Pay TV · Internet & OTT04/05/2020

eSports: the professionalization of leagues as a lever for the creation of a national ecosystem

The teams that participate in the professional leagues establish legal contracts with players, which charge between US$ 250 and US$ 400 per month. Meanwhile, traditional pay TV remains an ally to attract the "non-traditional" audience of video games: 25% of the audience of the Professional Video Games League is in Flow.

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