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Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Arris CALA Executive Forum

Connected household needs mobile fixed-convergence

Hugo Ramos, Regional Chief Technologist of Arris, as well as other speakers at Arris CALA Executive Forum developed in Miami at the end of August, put in the center of the connected home the concept of mobile fixed convergence. They agreed that it is not just about reaching high speeds, but to ensure an uninterrupted wireless connection at home, with standards that allow the same quality of experience in each room.

WiFi devices in the home are dominant in quantity but the lack of standardization in certain layers of the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model makes it difficult to manage them. For example, while the physical layer has definitions of the different WiFi standards, the antenna gain or power are not defined, which makes it difficult to harmonize the user experience.

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Globales · Software and Applications31/03/2020

Ribbon focuses its 2020 on the integration of ECI and the new demand curves generated by the pandemic

In an interview with Convergencialatina, Kevin Riley, CTO and Executive VP of Advanced R&D of the company, spoke of the recent purchase of ECI Telecoms Group, which moves Ribbon "next to the data on infrastructure". In the current situation due to the coronavirus crisis, the demand for voice infrastructure and capabilities of SBC and Unified Communications as a Service increased.

Globales · Mobile · Fixed Broadband20/03/2020

The global technology sector tests alternatives to avoid the perfect storm

The European Commission asked Netflix to restrict HD streaming, and the platform agreed to do so in the region for the next 30 days, thereby reducing Netflix's traffic by 25%. It is the strongest signal in recent days after the intensification of teleworking in quarantined countries. In Latin America, IP traffic increased between 25% and 40% in the last week.

Costa Rica · Politics24/03/2020

Credibility of Carlos Alvarado government, in suspense due to scandal of Presidential Data Protection Unit

The President of Costa Rica and his team are under judicial investigation for the creation of UPAD: the Executive Branch is accused of prevarication, violation of personal data and abuse of authority. The case has already led to the resignation of six officials, the search of the Presidential House and the ICE data center.

Regional · Internet & OTT · Economy19/03/2020

The technological challenge behind the pandemic: mass telework pushes the entire economy into digital transformation

Latin America today begins a new day of home confinement, as prevention against the advance of the coronavirus. Governments started asking users for prudence, but excessive consumption has become part of the quarantine and now they are putting pressure on operators to activate reinforcement plans and avoid network congestion.SMEs that had not advanced in digitalization face remote work with difficulties, while the demand for collaboration and productivity tools increases exponentially.

Estados Unidos · Satellites13/03/2020

Satellite 2020

The mixed-orbit model is now part of traditional satellite operators strategies

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A DIARIO LATINO 05-04-2020

Perú · Mobile · Fixed Broadband 02/04/2020

Fixed Internet network traffic grew 42% in the last week

Globales · Internet & OTT 02/04/2020

Proximity tracking proposal to prevent coronavirus

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