Thursday, September 06, 2018

The turnaround of the industry towards IIoT will be accompanied by renewable energies and the "coupling" of economic sectors

Javier Pastorino, CEO of Siemens for Argentina, warned that 50% of Argentine companies are just beginning to outline digitalization strategies and innovation plans.

The digitalization of Argentine companies is at an early stage, as evidenced by the survey "Study of Digitalization in Argentina", by Siemens and PwC Digital Services, and the different industrial sectors are not the exception. The work with leaders of 312 companies in the country (66% small and medium) showed that the segments with the greatest progress in digitalization are the chemical industry and the oil and gas industry.

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Panamá · Economy12/09/2019

Panama promotes its digital free zone

The so-called "Silicon Valley" of the Central American country will require investments of US$38 million. It will offer specialized services in e-commerce, big data, blockchain, among others, which are expected to generate more than 1,000 jobs during its first year of operation. The lack of trained technical personnel will be a challenge to solve.

Regional · Economy03/09/2019

Industry 4.0: Operational technology networks cease to be static and become vulnerable to cyber attacks

Industrial process automation poses risks previously not considered as such. Layer security and multifactor authentication are some of the tools designed to protect these areas.

Paraguay · E-Government28/08/2019

In 2020 Paraguay will face an aggressive connectivity policy among 480 health centers

Pilot tests already exist in nine hospitals. In total, US$ 15 million will be invested in a plan designed through 2023. Hugo Tarabini, General Director of Infrastructure and Connectivity of the Mitic (Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies), explained the operation of the system to Convergencialatina.

Regional · Data Center15/08/2019

Vertiv: In next ten years between 1 and 2 hyperscale data centers to be built per country in Latin America

Fernando García, VP and General Manager for Latin America of the company, spoke with Convergencialatina about the transformation that the segment will go through until 2025. Brazil leads the progress in this type of data centers, with dimensions that exceed three to ten times those of the current centers.

Colombia · Economy01/08/2019

The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution seeks to be a regional hub in research containing AI, IoT and Blockchain

Opened last May in Medellin, it required a public investment of US$ 1.1 billion. Gabriel Angulo, director in charge of Digital Transformation at Mintic, spoke with Convergencialatina about this assembly and the goal of training 150,000 people in programming.

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