Monday, October 15, 2018

A new work item on autonomous cars was proposed at the latest ITU-T Study Group 20 Regional meeting

Regional Group for Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Transcaucasia (SG20RG-EECAT) met in June in St. Petersburg. Proposals were made on advancing current work items on identifying moving devices in smart city and digital architecture to combat counterfeiting in IoT.

The new work item proposed at the Meeting was draft Recommendation ITU-T Y.CR-AV “Connectivity Requirements for autonomous vehicles”. This Recommendation will propose the requirements for connecting autonomous vehicles to the cloud real time platform. Additionally, it will contain the rationale for choosing communication channels and connection technologies that will ensure the safe operation of autonomous vehicles.

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Bolivia · Politics06/02/2020

Bolivian lithium subject to the ups and downs of politics

Evo Morales annulled the agreement established with a German company to manufacture lithium batteries and develop the Salar de Uyuni and now the new government is looking for a “friendly” solution.

Brasil · Spectrum16/01/2020

Brazilian spectrum auction may be the largest individual auction in the world

The bidding model will be the key to envision the final collection that some estimate at US$ 6 billion. The Ministry of Economy will be decisive in determining the type of contest.

Brasil · Pay TV · Regulation · Spectrum19/12/2019

Brazilian market expects 2020 to be the basis for 5G deployment

The next meeting of Anatel’s Steering Council will take place in mid-January, which could culminate in a final vote on which the proposals will advance for the 5G auction: that of Emmanoel Campelo or that of Vicente Aquino. There is also expectation about the modification of the Pay-TV Law as regards the commercialization of linear channels on the Internet.

Jamaica · Operators17/12/2019

Jamaican government evaluates alternatives to achieve improvements in Digicel and Flow's quality of service

Jamaicans tolerate great difficulties in telecommunications services, as reported by the Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and the regulator OUR (Office of Public Services Regulation). The idea is to create a specialized telecommunications entity and open the market, among other options.

Argentina · Politics13/12/2019

The objective of developing Argentina 4.0 in the framework of digital social justice

The new Government's strategies to accelerate the country's entry into the knowledge economy.

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