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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

"In communications for public security, corporate software is the business that will grow the most"

This was assured to Convergencialatina by Mark Schmidl, Motorola Solutions vice president for Latin America. The key to these solutions will be to leave behind the focus on responses to incidents, and focus instead on predictive tools. Artificial intelligence gains strength in smart public safety portfolios, although it is not seen as a replacement for current technologies.

Motorola Solutions celebrates 90 years since its creation in Chicago, United States, in 1928, and 60 years since its arrival in Latin America. As Mark Schmidl, Vice President for the region, told Convergencialatina, the main business in the company's origins was communications for public security - it created the first two-way radio – and over the decades, this activity was once again its "core". In their pathway, they dedicated themselves to the cellular business, the semiconductor business, the bar code business, among others, but currently the focus is on video analytics, audio and video related technologies, and developments in intelligent public security. 

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Uruguay · Mobile · Convergence22/05/2019

Antel to invest US$ 2 million in its pioneering 5G experience during 2019

The president of the Uruguayan state operator, Andrés Tolosa, gave an interview to Convergencialatina just over a month after the launch of 5G. He recalled the milestone of April 9 last as "a first step in the technological evolution of 5G, with restricted operations to make experience and generate know-how in our technicians. It is a continuum that must be done as an operator. And it's better to start as soon as possible, not wait, because that time will be a problem for future learning. "

Globales · Smartphones & Devices · Politics21/05/2019

Huawei comes out confident to face Google's break up announcement while assessing the global impact

The Chinese company said it will back its devices with security updates and services, but did not say what will happen to the phones it sells in the future. The US Department of Commerce yesterday decided to postpone the sanctions against Huawei until August, and the founder Ren Zhengfei declared that the North American country "underestimates" the strength of the firm.

Regional · Mobile15/05/2019

Latin American panorama before new mobile generation

Delaying in implementing 5G would be a sin for the countries of the region. Whoever has 5G will take advantage in the future from Industry 4.0 and other corporate services and for individuals. According to Ericsson, for approximately 2024 about 1.500 billion people will have 5G, and coverage will reach 40% of global population.

Globales · Operators10/05/2019

Telefonica's net profit increased 10.6% despite a decrease in revenues due to depreciation of the Argentine peso and the Brazilian real

The Spanish operator reported a net profit of € 926 million between January and March. Revenues totaled € 11.979 billion: in organic terms this implies a 3.8% increase but in reported terms there was a 1.7% decrease due to variations in exchange rates, especially in the two Latin American countries. The Brazilian operation showed a 5.2% decrease in revenues, that of Hispam Sur (Chile, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay), of 12.1%, and that of Hispam Norte (Colombia, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador and Venezuela), continued stable.

Regional · Software and Applications13/05/2019

Delivery apps at crucial stage of survival

The departure of Glovo from the Brazilian and Chilean markets shows the difficulties that companies in the sector face from strong competition and the threat of labor laws.

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Globales · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 24/05/2019

Regional · Mobile · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 24/05/2019

Globales · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 24/05/2019

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