Friday, May 17, 2019

For INTA, there are plenty of sensors and solutions for the field, but connectivity is lacking

"Many times they ask us if it is justified to have a field connected", shot Juan Manuel Arocena, National Assistant Director of Information, Communication and Quality Systems at INTA, during the morning panel of the Internet Day event. There are plenty of arguments to accelerate a response to the main shortcoming in the field: the lack of connectivity. "If we want to be the supermarket of the world, to have a genuine federal development, the Internet is fundamental. We have a favorable context for agribusiness to continue growing, it is one of the most technified in the world. But we lack the last stage: to arrive with connectivity to the field. The Argentine agricultural system is reaching a production limit, it has to be reconverted and work in another way, "he warned.

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Colombia · Regulation18/09/2019

Colombia´s convergent regulator defines its agenda and creates new positions

Carlos Lugo Silva, commissioner of the Comisión Regulación de Comunicaciones (CRC) (Telecom regulator) Communications Session, explained to Convergencialatina the progress in the establishment process and the challenges facing the new entity, which covers telecommunications, postal and audiovisual media services .

Perú · Internet & OTT20/09/2019

6th Annual Latin Americas Spectrum Management Conference

Internet for All seeks to complete 2020 with 3,130 connected sites and 2021 with 4,130

Globales · Mobile13/09/2019

Combination of sensors and detection of critical situations, main challenges of autonomous driving

Convergencialatina participated this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Two providers of automotive technology systems, Continental and Bosch, trusted the difficulties they face in their experiences with C2X.

Regional · Mobile · Spectrum10/09/2019

Outlook of the transition in Latin America

Time for disputes and assessments on the way to 5G

While Antel de Uruguay tests the first terminals to deploy specific services, in Mexico, Chile and Brazil there is an intense level of discussion about spectrum prices, positioning of each operator against the new technology and the 3.5 Ghz band, respectively.

Panamá · Economy12/09/2019

Panama promotes its digital free zone

The so-called "Silicon Valley" of the Central American country will require investments of US$38 million. It will offer specialized services in e-commerce, big data, blockchain, among others, which are expected to generate more than 1,000 jobs during its first year of operation. The lack of trained technical personnel will be a challenge to solve.

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