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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Interview with Pamela Gidi

Chile's plan to add 14,000 new fiber optic kilometers until 2023

In an interview with Convergencialatina, the head of Chile's Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) (Undersecretariat of Telecommunications) stated that they have the 5G tender specifications ready to be launched in January 2020, and it would only be delayed if the companies decide to bring the process to the courts.

Pamela Gidi, head of the Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) (Undersecretariat of Telecommunications) of Chile, gave an interview to Convergencialatina, after the announcement of the “historical subsidy" for the National Optical Fiber project. On the plans towards 5G, she announced that his country will be one of the first in the region to launch the new technology, "unless the companies decide to bring the process to the courts".

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Argentina · Regulation · Politics24/09/2020

Opportunity to debate regulation of Decree 690 and also the strategic role of ICT in the post-pandemic

An isolated measure does not seem valid if the government considers that the current regulation does not allow to reach an agreement on prices or establishing mechanisms so that prices result in “more people” hiring ICT services. To achieve greater digital inclusion, it should be based on a diagnosis that identifies barriers and articulates policies that consider the structure of the supply in different locations of the country, the levels of competition for service and barriers of the demand.

Argentina · Regulation · Economy18/09/2020

Knowledge Economy Law remains on hold in the Senate

The project that proposes to modify aspects of Law 27.506 - establishing the Regime for the Promotion of the Knowledge Economy- is on hold in the Senate of the Nation pending its treatment and approval.

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones · Satellites · Politics · Data Center17/09/2020

Argentine government launches the National Connectivity Program

President Alberto Fernández yesterday led the launch of the National Connectivity Program, which provides for a total investment of US$ 504 million to provide fiber optic and satellite connectivity throughout the country. The initiative also contemplates the enhancement of the Arsat Open Digital Television and Data Center infrastructure.

Argentina · Regulation · Economy09/09/2020

Teleworking to have a troubled future

Beyond the fact that the discussion on regulation did nothing more than reissue classic and basic disputes between businessmen and unions, questions are being raised for the IT sector due to the limits on hiring and the lack of tools to stop the flight of talent abroad.  

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