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Friday, July 12, 2019

Blockchain in Latin America: advancing in data harmonization and governments' clearer approaches are crucial for its takeoff

At the global digital services summit (MITA GDS 2019), which continues up today in Buenos Aires, the blockchain appeared as the center of a digital ecosystem, which not only needs interconnected but integrated services. Mexico is the most advanced country in the implementation of this technology, but there is an urgent need to harmonize data and create standards among countries.

The blockchain in the supply chain requires an ecosystem where there is an interoperability that allows the different tools to talk to each other. The standardization in public and private systems of projects in different verticals of the industrial sector is the mandatory step that global and digital communications demand. "It's the only way to grow," said yesterday Virginia Cram Martos, CEO of Triangularity (Switzerland) and project leader for the Blockchain project of the United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and E-Business.

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Argentina · Mobile · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions02/07/2020

Virtualization paves the way for 5G, as a preview of upcoming use cases

Network virtualization in Argentina has so far occurred on the Core part of the network, and the next piece of the puzzle is on the radio, in a clear move toward the edge. This transition will allow the construction of a mobile IoT offer for the business, logistics, and manufacturing segments, among many others.

Argentina · Software and Applications29/06/2020

Hyperconvergence models are here to stay in the Health vertical

To sustain the digital transformation in this segment, the investment in infrastructure goes towards hyperconverged models (Hyper-converged infrastructure –HCI-), which combine the virtualization of storage, computing (virtual machines and containers) and security (firewalls, for example).

Costa Rica · Economy · Politics30/06/2020

Dispute over the use of Fonatel's resources continues

The health and economic crisis triggered by Covid-19 originated a political and institutional dispute over the case of the National Telecommunications Fund. Among other effects, it led to the resignation of the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications Luis Adrián Salazar. Their effectiveness in alleviating the digital divide was also questioned.

Brasil · Mobile · Politics25/06/2020

5G Brazil - Politics fully enters into the discussion

The regeneration of the Ministry of Communications serves President Jair Bolsonaro to seek internal solutions to the possibility of impeachment and settle the situation of Huawei with 5G, externally.

Regional · Mobile · Hardware24/06/2020

Medical emergency calls increased 50% in Latin America, with peaks of 200%

Alex Castañeda, new Vice President and General Manager of Motorola Solutions in Latin America, told Convergencialatina that due to widespread confinement, emergency calls regarding crimes decreased. The security forces demand more personal devices - to prevent the same equipment from being used by different people - and there is expectation for the potential of retail in the two-way radio accessories segment.

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A DIARIO LATINO 06-07-2020

Argentina · Mobile · Operators · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 02/07/2020

Virtualization paves the way for 5G, as a preview of upcoming use cases

Brasil · Free to Air TV - TDT · Spectrum 02/07/2020

New filter tests to mitigate interference between TV and 5G

México · Spectrum 02/07/2020

Telcel buys from Axtel 50 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band

Puerto Rico · Operators 02/07/2020

AT&T activates its 5G network in 58 municipalities

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