Thursday, August 01, 2019

The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution seeks to be a regional hub in research containing AI, IoT and Blockchain

Opened last May in Medellin, it required a public investment of US$ 1.1 billion. Gabriel Angulo, director in charge of Digital Transformation at Mintic, spoke with Convergencialatina about this assembly and the goal of training 150,000 people in programming.

The Center for the Fourth Colombian Industrial Revolution was inaugurated last May. It is the first of its kind in Latin America and the fifth in the world (the other four are located in the United States, India, China and Japan), located in the Ruta N Innovation District in Medellín. It has a public investment of around US$ 1.1 billion for its assembly and development of research related to emerging technologies, such as AI, IoT and Blockchain. From the National Government officials estimate to train, through this Center, 150,000 professionals in programming in less than four years, according to  what the  director of Digital Transformation of Colombia (e), Gabriel Angulo told Convergencialatina.

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Argentina · Mobile · Internet & OTT07/01/2020

IoT business continuous reformulation: now flexible plans, complement with big data and NB-IoT are tested

The formula for the promised “explosion” of IoT does not seem to be in the hands of operators. The business does not take off and Movistar, Claro and Personal go out in search of new approaches to add aggression against the offers of unlicensed networks (Sigfox and LoRa, for example). As summarized by Marcelo Guglielmucci, Marketing and Commercial Planning Manager of Claro Empresas, in dialogue with Convergencia, “there is a continuous reformulation of the business model: whether it is connectivity plus infrastructure, plus a business fee, plus advice, the first variant or the first two, or the other alternatives, or giving everything”.  

Chile · Spectrum14/01/2020

The Government will tender the 700 MHz bands; AWS; 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz for 5G

The Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (SUBTEL) announced a public consultation for the spectrum tender for the 5G network. It will be available until Friday, February 14.

Globales · Regulation09/01/2020

FCC warns of difficulties in implementing 5G

Argentina · Fixed Broadband20/12/2019

Fixed broadband leaves two milestones for 2019

Globales · Internet & OTT · Economy19/12/2019

Shared and electric mobility forces the conversion of Smart Cities business models

Convergencialatina participated in the Smart Cities Expo World Congress event in November. In a work table organized by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, the first electric mobility implementations were analyzed. Carsharing and electric skateboards are also part of the new models for smart cities.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-01-2020

Perú · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications 17/01/2020

3,012 complaints for computer crimes were registered in 2019

Costa Rica · E-Government 17/01/2020

MICITT presents guidelines for digital technologies

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