Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Outlook of the transition in Latin America

Time for disputes and assessments on the way to 5G

While Antel de Uruguay tests the first terminals to deploy specific services, in Mexico, Chile and Brazil there is an intense level of discussion about spectrum prices, positioning of each operator against the new technology and the 3.5 Ghz band, respectively.

Uruguay took the first step in April, with Antel's pre-commercial 5G launch, and remains the only case in Latin America with a real foray into new technology. Sources from the state-owned company told Convergencia that FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) terminals finally reached Antel after a considerable delay, and are now in a trial period, prior to the installation of services.

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Brasil · Fixed Broadband12/11/2019

Corning focuses on Tier3 ISPs in Brazil

In Brazil, ISPs (Internet Service Providers) called Tier3 are a focus. It is about 10,000 companies that provide services in different cities: through September 2019 totaled 10.29 million accesses and had a 31.52% market share. Together exceed the number of subscribers of Claro (9.54 million), Vivo (7.23 million) and Oi (5.95 million), the three largest operators in the country.

Brasil · Spectrum15/11/2019

Novel proposal for the sale of spectrum in the Brazilian market

It seeks to reserve 50 MHz in the 3.5 GHz band for small regional operators and companies entering the market. It will also use different systems to determine the winners.

Regional · Operators15/11/2019

Liberty Latin America registered losses of US$ 70 million between July and September due to Hurricane Dorian

The report of results coincided with the announcement of the sale of the Cable & Wireless Seychelles operation, with which the operator becomes fully concentrated in Latin America. The operation amounted to US$ 104 million.

Globales · Internet & OTT · Regulation · Economy07/11/2019

France marks the way for global control of technology companies

It charges them 3% on revenue, while waiting for the “unified OECD” proposal. Spain intends to copy the measure if consensus is not reached soon.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-11-2019

Globales · Economy · Politics 19/11/2019

Commercial War: USA will give Huawei a 90-day truce

Brasil · Equipment Providers and Network Solutions 19/11/2019

Bolsonaro met with the president of Huawei

Regional · Software and Applications 19/11/2019

The "Last Milers": the legal vacuum of e-commerce catalysts

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