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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Millicom revenues increased due to acquisitions in Panama and Nicaragua

The increase corresponds to the third quarter, after the incorporation of Telefónica's operations in these Central American countries. If the first nine months of 2019 are considered, the increase is 7.4% year-on-year. However, the acquisitions also affected operating profit, which fell 15% for both the quarter and the accumulated year, and net profit, to the point that the company reported a loss of US$130 million between July and September.

Millicom presented its financial results for the period July-September 2019, which show the impact of acquisitions in Central America. Revenues stood at US $1.097 billion, while the operating profit was US$178 million, affected not only by these integrations but also by the economic situation in some markets (Nicaragua, Paraguay, Bolivia and Panama). The 15% decrease in this last component caused the company to report losses of US$130 million in the period.

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Regional · Submarine Cables25/05/2020

Sparkle restructures its presence in Latin America with its foray into Google's Curie submarine cable

The purchase of a pair of fiber in the line that connects Chile with Los Angeles in the United States is added to the acquisition of three pairs in Seabras-1 in 2017 and spectrum in sections of the PCCS in Central America and the Caribbean. Carmine Sorrentino, company's Executive VP for Latin America, confided that between 60% and 65% of traffic stays in the region, compared to the 15% or 20% registered in 2000, when large cables of consortium were created.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband21/05/2020

Corporate Internet: Quarantine triggered traffic in SMEs' VPNs

The Covid-19 forced ISPs to respond to the need for greater connectivity capacity so that companies could operate with their personnel remotely: one of the most concrete impacts is the increase in VPN traffic, between 35% and 40% from the beginning of the quarantine. Furthermore, the internal link between branches or corporate headquarters used to fall into the "drawer" of improvement plans, but in the context of the pandemic, it escalated to a priority level.

Globales · Operators07/05/2020

Telefónica's revenues fell 5.1% in the first quarter due to the drop in Brazil's turnover

The company spoke of the limited impact of the coronavirus pandemic on its performance from January to March. Added revenue of €11.366 billion, affected by the 13.6% drop in the Brazilian operation: DTH's revenues decreased 38.7%, fixed voice revenues by 18.9% and handset sales 2.9%. Net profit fell 56.2%.

Perú · Mobile · Fixed Broadband16/04/2020

High default rate, today main impact of pandemic on Peruvian market.

Peru was the third country in Latin America to have a mandatory quarantine to mitigate contagions: President Martín Vizcarra, who took a drastic and aggressive stance against the disease, ordered the isolation on March 15, and for the time being it will extend until April 26. After a first strong impact on the networks, today the unknown is placed on the survival of the sector: operators handle falls in billing of between 50% and 60% in March. This situation generated crossings between companies, the regulator Osiptel and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Argentina · Fixed Broadband14/04/2020

The pending agenda for smart cities: new axes of government and NB-IoT accelerated by operators

The evangelization on IoT for Smart Cities in municipal and provincial offices is a past stage. This task was undertaken by business promoters on unlicensed spectrum -LoRa and Sigfox, more than by mobile operators-, who managed to transcend the instance of conversations and are preparing to venture into specific services.

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