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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Public-private initiative between a high-tech company and Misiones

They will manufacture infrared thermometers with IoT technology suitable for Big Data, essential for the pandemic

The Argentine Factory of Nanosenors Iot (FanIoT) was born on December 22 as a partnership between the Ministry of Culture, Education, Science and Technology of Misiones, Sapem Marandú Comunicaciones and agtech Smartcultiva. Three months later, the company announced that it had successfully tested infrared thermometers to measure body temperature remotely. It is an essential tool for crowd control against the coronavirus pandemic.

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Argentina · Hardware02/09/2020

Thermal imaging cameras: the business of the moment seeking to stay beyond Covid-19

Historic video surveillance players quickly understood the unusual demand for thermal imaging cameras, because some were already venturing into thermal equipment to detect temperature changes in industrial environments monitoring. To generate value in recent months, the software development for cameras aimed at “crowdlytics”.

Argentina · Software and Applications · E-Government20/08/2020

Electronic Health Record as a foundational role in the digital health strategy

Federalism is the great challenge to surrpass in terms of digitization of healthcare in Argentina. Different care programs and care systems coexist today in any care center, forcing nurses and doctors to spend a large part of their daily work completing forms. The goal of the Federal Digital Health Plan is for 80% of health centers to have electronic medical records by 2024. Eventually all EHRs will have to connect to the National Digital Health Network.

Argentina · E-Government04/08/2020

Federal Blockchain Argentina advances to support critical state processes

Interest in the platform, which had a sort of "standstill" in the government transition at the end of 2019, increased since the start of the pandemic due to the need to endorse bureaucratic procedures. In the coming months, the provinces of Formosa and Catamarca will join the public administrations that currently use the BFA.

Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications27/07/2020

Gaming grows at the rate of quarantine

More than 20% of Argentine millennials are regular spectators of electronic games competitions. And the interest in these contents starts at around 10 years old.

Uruguay · Internet & OTT · E-Government28/07/2020

The Uruguayan “oasis” in front of the Covid-19 also occurs in online education and telemedicine

The Ceibal Plan left Uruguay as a benchmark in distance learning during quarantine, until the resumption of face-to-face classes at the end of last June. The initiative was also tested: the exchange of clinical data between health centers had started in 2019 and of the total health production that is generated in a month, 70% goes through the digital ecosystem.

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A DIARIO LATINO 20-09-2020

Argentina · Regulation · Economy 18/09/2020

Knowledge Economy Law remains on hold in the Senate

Argentina · Terrestrial Backbones · Satellites · Politics · Data Center 17/09/2020

Argentine government launches the National Connectivity Program

Globales · Mobile · Operators 16/09/2020

Rakuten and Telefónica to cooperate in developing OpenRAN

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