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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Colombian 5G plan intends to surf pandemic and starts pilot phase

Mintic's initiative was published in December and it is assured it will not be altered by the health emergency. During the first trimester the procedure for technical tests in trials and experiments was defined. Before March 2021, the analysis of the incentive schemes that promote the use of 5G will be ready, and an appropriation strategy will be designed in the country's productive sectors.

The MinTIC published in December 2019 the final 5G Plan and reported on the opening of the call to develop the first pilot tests in the regions of the country. During the first quarter of 2020, the procedure was defined to carry out technical tests in trials, pilot tests, experiments, demonstrations or functional validations on radio devices and telecommunication networks, to validate the functionality and future commercial offer of 5G networks. According to the ministry, plans regarding 5G will not be delayed by the impact of the pandemic in the country. In fact, the (now former) Minister Sylvia Constaín presented to Congress on April 22, virtually, the programs and decrees issued to guarantee communications at the juncture of the Emergency.

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Paraguay · E-Government06/08/2020

Paraguayan Digital e-Government Agenda, accelerated due to pandemic

Miguel Martín, vice minister of Information and Communication Technologies, highlighted the use of the local Covid-19 monitoring app. In a virtual event he referred to the work to achieve an own exit to submarine cables through Argentina and Brazil.

Chile · Mobile · Spectrum03/08/2020

Chilean government launches 5G tender and plans investments of US$3 billion

President Sebastián Piñera announced the start of the process during his Public Accountability speech: he stressed that Chile will be a pioneer in the region and that it will take a great leap forward in the full integration of the country into the digital society. Applications for the four parallel tenders will be received until October 19.

Perú · Spectrum16/07/2020

Cancellation of the rearrangement at 3.5 Ghz puts on hold Peru's path to 5G

In March, the MTC concluded the process to evaluate other forms of frequency allocation, in response to a suggestion from Osiptel, which recommended to tender the band. The MTC now "recalculates" and evaluates options: among them, it could move forward with a "relaxation" of the reservation of the band, so that operators with frequencies there (Telefónica, Claro and Entel) can use them for mobile data.

Regional · Regulation14/07/2020

Post pandemic regulation in Latin America: universalization and cybersecurity, axes for new normality

Among the alternatives that are gaining strength in the region for the debate table after the health crisis are the minimum broadband speed regulations; strategies for access to devices sustained over time; and regulatory sandboxes.

Costa Rica · Economy · Politics30/06/2020

Dispute over the use of Fonatel's resources continues

The health and economic crisis triggered by Covid-19 originated a political and institutional dispute over the case of the National Telecommunications Fund. Among other effects, it led to the resignation of the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications Luis Adrián Salazar. Their effectiveness in alleviating the digital divide was also questioned.

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