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Monday, June 22, 2020

Chile renews debate on the Internet as a public service with the pandemic

Senator Juan Pablo Letelier, of the Socialist Party, presented during a virtual discussion organized by the Argentine Chamber of Deputies about the inequalities in coverage and quality evidenced in recent months, and their impact on the legislative discussion. Cybersecurity is strengthening as another parallel debate, not only for the protection of personal data, but in view of the China-United States conflict.

In recent months, the Chilean telecommunications industry has been able to adapt to telework, distance education, and agreements with content providers. However, the Covid-19 pandemic revealed inequalities in coverage and quality of three types: users who stopped contracting due to lack of income; geographical areas with service failures due to less availability of services; and digital illiteracy. The senator for the Chilean Socialist Party Juan Pablo Letelier - in turn, president of the Transport and Telecommunications Commission - explained that the country is in its first steps of discussion about the Internet as a public service, in a context in which “they demonstrated the problems in coverage and quality, because the industry tends to provide services where it can skim, and neglects quality in lower-income areas," he said.

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Paraguay · E-Government06/08/2020

Paraguayan Digital e-Government Agenda, accelerated due to pandemic

Miguel Martín, vice minister of Information and Communication Technologies, highlighted the use of the local Covid-19 monitoring app. In a virtual event he referred to the work to achieve an own exit to submarine cables through Argentina and Brazil.

Chile · Mobile · Spectrum03/08/2020

Chilean government launches 5G tender and plans investments of US$3 billion

President Sebastián Piñera announced the start of the process during his Public Accountability speech: he stressed that Chile will be a pioneer in the region and that it will take a great leap forward in the full integration of the country into the digital society. Applications for the four parallel tenders will be received until October 19.

Argentina · E-Government04/08/2020

Federal Blockchain Argentina advances to support critical state processes

Interest in the platform, which had a sort of "standstill" in the government transition at the end of 2019, increased since the start of the pandemic due to the need to endorse bureaucratic procedures. In the coming months, the provinces of Formosa and Catamarca will join the public administrations that currently use the BFA.

Globales · Operators30/07/2020

Telefónica's revenues dropped 14.8% due to an impact of € 729 million associated with Covid-19

Between April and June, revenues reached € 10.34 billion due to the closing of commercial activity, in addition to unfavorable movements in exchange rates (it represented an impact of € 791 million). The Spanish company's net profit was € 831 million in the first half, a 53.5% decrease, and € 425 million in the second quarter, a 50.7% decrease. Hispam's revenues were € 1.881 billion, a 10.8% decrease year-on-year.

Regional · Operators30/07/2020

Millicom lost 1.7 million mobile subscribers in Latin America between April and June

As a result of the cessation of commercial activities due to the pandemic, the greatest losses occurred in Honduras, Colombia and Bolivia. ARPU fell 12.9% to US$ 6.4. The company's revenues in the region decreased 6.9% to US$ 1.4 billion, after a decrease in service revenues of 6.4%.

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