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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Complaints, raids and suspicions in Uruguay

Antel and Ursec adapt to the "new normal" with drastic changes in leadership

The public company and the telecommunications regulator are going through troubled days, which came from the hand of the new government of Lacalle Pou. How were the three hottest months in the country?

The first semester of 2020 brought profound changes for the telecommunications sector in Uruguay. In just three months, Antel and the Communications Services Regulatory Unit (Ursec, in Spanish) had new presidents -in the public company, two different-, and judicial processes, while they had to respond to the necessary actions to combat, from the place that corresponds to each one, the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

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Argentina · Mobile · Regulation01/10/2020

5G in Argentina: operators without urgency and pending regulatory issues

The mobile market lacks news in 5G for 3 reasons: operators do not see an immediate need to move towards the next generation; the pandemic made it necessary to allocate efforts in 2020 to address changes in traffic behavior; and from the regulatory point of view, it is still time for evaluations, even more with the shock of DNU 690. Faced with the current scenario, 5G would only be commercially available in Argentina in 2022.

Perú · Terrestrial Backbones28/09/2020

RDNFO: MTC advances with Azteca license unilateral resolution procedure

The MTC decided to initiate the unilateral resolution procedure for the license of the backbone network: it will call a public hearing, which will probably be held in November. If this instance is passed in a favorable manner, six months must elapse until the termination of the agreement, as stated in the RDNFO contract with Azteca, whereby it could only occur in March or April 2021.

Argentina · Submarine Cables29/09/2020

Submarine cables tread in Las Toninas to be renewed with arrival of Malbec and extension of Tannat

These developments occur at a time of reformulations in the submarine cables segment in Latin America, after experiencing traffic increases of 25% to 30% on average in recent months, as a reflection of the pandemic.

Regional · Submarine Cables · Terrestrial Backbones28/09/2020

Geographic diversity and backhaul, two strongholds of EllaLink project

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