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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Intel presented its new technologies for autonomous vehicles at its division Mobileye

The company presented the progress of its Mobileye division, with the development of a system based on ‘Computer Vision’ and Artificial Intelligence that it plans to commercialize in 2024. Specifically, it works on radar systems and laser sensors to integrate them into autonomous vehicles for public transportation.

According to the representatives of the company, its objective is to reach 2024 with a system that is integrated into cars for end users. To make it a reality and have approvals from the regulators, the division has been working since 2017 on a model that it hopes will be adopted by the industry, called “Responsibility Sensitive Security” (RSS) and that defines the rules that robot cars have to comply with in order to integrate into the streets where humans drive.

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Perú · Operators


Claro launches 5G plans in Peru

Colombia · Regulation · Spectrum


Conditions for the 5G auction will be ready in the second half

ANE (National Spectrum Agency of Colombia) director, Miguel Felipe Anzola, spoke with Convergencialatina about the priorities of the Action Plan 2021, which includes the management of spectrum of the 6 GHz band. The conclusions of the consultation on Wifi 6 will be available in the coming weeks. "Together with the MinTIC we seek to modernize procedures for spectrum management, which is increasingly in demand," he said.

Argentina · Pay TV


ESPN-FOX merger would anticipate the sports OTT business

If the Secretary of Commerce approves the merger, Disney would monopolize 7 of the 9 sports channels in the country. This concentration would promote the creation of more on demand platforms to bypass cable operators: a pay TV subscription will no longer be enough to watch sports.

Argentina · Politics


Alberto Fernández announces two bills to encourage electric mobility

The Argentine president yesterday inaugurated the legislative sessions in Congress. He argued that it is a priority for Argentina to integrate into global value chains through 4.0 technology, so the administration is preparing a series of projects to "boost the knowledge structure."

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