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Monday, April 19, 2021

Central America and the challenge of sustaining education in times of pandemic

Governments took initiatives that include state investment and agreements with private parties for the development of educational platforms. WhatsApp stands out among the most used apps in the region. The problem faced by all countries is the delay in their economic and social development.

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Last news and analysis

Argentina · Economy


Ideas for retaining software professionals

Faced with the consensus on the shortage of qualified human resources in ICT industries and in the Knowledge Economy, the government brought together companies in the sector and informed them that it will direct its training programs in the direction that the market needs.

Regional · Mobile


CritiComms expects to add between 5% and 10% of the Push-to-Talk market in Latin America in the next three years

The company focused on instant critical communications today has unveiled the ESChat service, which is already used by public agencies in the United States and the FirstNet emergency network. Convergencialatina spoke with its CEO, Juan Luis Gutiérrez (formerly Nortel and Motorola), about the initiative, which aims to satisfy the neglected demand after the discontinuation of iDEN platforms.

Chile · Operators


OnNet Fibra to invest more than US$ 130 million to reach 4 million passed homes between this year and 2022

The network deployment inherited from Telefónica Chile will reach this extension in early 2024, according to what José Miguel Torres, General Manager of the new wholesale operator, told Convergencialatina. OnNet Fibra is owned 60% by KKR and 40% by Telefónica Chile, and constitutes the first experience of an open and neutral network in the country, to be replicated in Colombia and emulating the Telefónica model with CPQD in Brazil.

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