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Thursday, October 21, 2021

CLTD 2021

Colombia's regulatory sandbox: CRC expects to have the first three test environments ready by year-end

These are three projects in the field of rural coverage, quality measurement and mobile fixed convergent contracting, the result of CRC’s (Communications Regulation Commission) exercise with the sandbox. Nicolás Silva Cortés, entity commissioner, pointed out during the 8th Congress of Digital Transformation that the accompaniment of the process with the agents involved, the previous activities or discussions and the evaluation, formulation and initiation phases are key points.

The official remembered the four pillars of CRC's actions, since the beginning of the current administration in 2019: analysis of the regulatory impact; have its own regulatory agenda updated annually; analysis of the data that is supplied by the regulated to increase the efficiency of the regulatory framework; and regulatory simplification, in order to eliminate obsolete standards.

Lastly, he highlighted the need for the CRC to strengthen human personnel in the face of digital transformation.

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Ministry of Communications requests an additional credit of US$ 10 million for connectivity

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Algar Telecom/Nokia carry out 5G tests in Uberaba

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Cuba authorizes cryptocurrencies due to its increase in use on the island

The Central Bank of Cuba has legalized and began regulating the use of digital currencies. Thus, admitting the increase in its use by Cubans. Furthermore, it is an attempt to circumvent the sanctions regime applied by the United States.

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Telefónica sets the goal of zero net emissions in 2025 for its key markets and in 2040 for its entire footprint

This company said this during the 12th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change, held yesterday. Ángel Vilá, CEO of the Spanish company, announced that they will increase sustainable financing to exceed € 10 billion in the coming years.

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Plan of the province of Córdoba to achieve 100% connectivity by 2022

Córdoba Connectivity Agency advances with starting up a 96-node program in December. Another 331 nodes will start up next year.

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