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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Smarter Cities & Digital ID Forum

Lima faces project for e- detection of road violations

The initiative is in process, financed by the World Bank, according to Álvaro Enrique Castro Guzmán, manager of Urban Mobility of the Municipality of Lima, at the Smarter Cities & Digital ID Forum event, organized by Convergencialatina and Network Events and with the support of NEC . It is based on the analysis of behaviors from control cameras and the infraction issued contains information about the vehicle, the owner and a photograph and details of the offense.

The information captured by the camera is sent to the control and detection center for violations, where the system compares the information in its database. The control staff validates the data and issues the fine, so as to start the sanctioning process afterwards.

In turn, the officer announced that they are finishing the testing phase of an app, which will receive contributions from the population on infractions.

“A comprehensive vision and not focal solutions, for cities is required. There must be a vision of the system”, said Castro Guzmán.

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