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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

AWS re:invent 2022

Cloud business to grow 30% annually through 2026

The number, projected by the consulting firm IDC, was communicated by the main executives of Amazon AWS Latin America in a press conference held within the framework of the AWS re:invent 2022 conference. The meeting is taking place this week in Las Vegas, United States, with special coverage by Convergencialatina.

Marcos Grilanda, MC Sales Regional Director at Amazon Web Services (AWS) -responsible for the region, except Brazil and Mexico-, analyzed IDC data for each country within his area. Colombia is the largest market with an estimated volume of US$ 848 million per year, and a compound growth rate of 30% through 2026; in second place is Chile with US$ 607 million and an expected growth of 33%; followed by Peru with US$ 452 million, an increase of 31% and lastly Argentina with US$ 444 million and an increase of 30% through 2026.

Juan Pablo Estévez, Country Manager for Argentina, contextualized the relevance of these figures in comparison with the IT market as a whole. For example, in Argentina the IT market as a whole will increase by around 6% per year for the same period.

The executives agreed on that since the beginning of AWS operations in Latin America, in 2011, there have been different phases of cloud adoption: at first it was startups, then large companies and now there are markets such as Brazil where medium-sized companies are joining this trend.

Jaime Vallés, VP AWS Latam, considered that 2022 was the year of consolidation of the 10 years of regional operations, as well as the acceleration of the movement to the cloud by customers. For 2023, the executive sees only opportunities, despite economic challenges and adverse global events. To take advantage of them, AWS is working on three levels: proximity, understood as both local presence of offices and infrastructure, development of partners and internal human capital, channels and workforce in general. In next year's roadmap, the company will add sustainability to its strategic plans.

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