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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

NPlay Southern Cone 2023

Telecom brought the "Fair Share" issue to the debate and criticized DNU 690

Telecom's Regulation and Wholesale Business Manager, Hernán Colombo, called for building a long-term roadmap. On the second day of Nplay Southern Cone 2023, he stated that "the main objective is to get out of the current situation" and, in particular, he pointed out that "getting out of DNU 690 is an absolutely necessary condition."

He used the cases of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru as a reference and proposed "simplifying regulations and facilitating the granting of licenses. To remove obstacles to the coming industry, for which, through 5G, the deployment of infrastructure will be essential."

Along these lines, he advised, "taking successful models as a reference and simplifying to facilitate deployment." He highlighted the Brazilian case, where the design of the 5G auction allowed faster-than-expected deployments.

He also introduced to the panel the issue of "Fair Share", discussed at length at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona at the end of February. He stressed the importance of achieving "an equitable contribution to infrastructure deployment that reaches out to new players who operate on the same infrastructure but do not participate in the rollout scheme. In Europe, discussions are being held on how to ensure the sustainability of the players and the system."

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Hugo Frega, General Manager for the Caribbean and Latin America of Hughes, shared the company's progress in the region after the launch of the Jupiter 3 satellite. The manager also highlighted the synergies with the Argentine operator Arsat and the opportunities that the company sees in that country as a result of the 5G tender and the recent merger between Echostar - the group to which Hughes belongs - and Dish, a process that will give rise to a global terrestrial and satellite wireless connectivity giant. In this context, Hughes is positioned as one of the main references in the sector in the region, both for its leadership in the manufacturing and distribution of terminals and gateways, and for its fleet of satellites and high-density payloads with coverage over the American continent.

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