Wednesday, July 22, 2020

School on a screen: The Juan Manso Plan seeks to bring connectivity, devices and content to public schools

The portal, the state society in charge of providing digital tools to education, has been present for 20 years. Due to the pandemic, its managers had to renew it and adapt it in a few weeks.

On March 6, when quarantine had not yet been decreed, the Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, had summoned the team. "He asked us to think of alternatives to the potential closure of schools," Laura Marés, the general manager, told Convergencia. Until then, the site was aimed at teachers and school administrators. In one week they duplicated it in SeguimosEducando, with an alternative view and resources so that students could work alone at home: videos, stories, infographics and learning games.

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Regional · Internet & OTT · Politics12/05/2021

Collection of VAT on digital products generalized in the region

Six countries modified their legislation last year to add platform services to taxed activities paid by the consumer. Meanwhile, the income tax remains subject to an unresolved global debate where the OECD leads the way.

Regional · Internet & OTT28/05/2021

The Edmodo educational platform surpasses 1.3 million active users in Latin America

Convergencialatina talked with Kate Baker, Edmodo’s Senior Manager of Community Relations, created in California in 2009. Activity on this platform multiplied 25 times after the outbreak of Covid-19. They aim to forge zero-rating agreements with operators in Latin America: the first of its kind was reached with Digicel in the Caribbean.

Regional · Internet & OTT10/03/2021

Interview with Carlos Álvarez, CTO of Despegar

Despegar is reorganized for tourism of the new normal, with a focus on sanitary measures and online sales

One of the first Argentine unicorns, was worth as much as US$2.200 billion.The onslaught of Covid-19 with the stoppage of travels and tourism caused it to drop to US$420 million in March 2020. Today it resists, restructures itself based on an internal reorganization and a 35% cut in expenses, as it prepares for the new normal in the industry with an even greater focus on technologies and data analytics

Argentina · Internet & OTT23/02/2021

In e-commerce, remote validation and push to be the main payment technologies for 2021

The shift in consumer habits towards digital led to e-commerce billing 106% more from January to June 2020 compared to last year. The acceleration of the segment leaves payment gateways and financial service providers at the crossroads between the need to provide greater security when buying online and user comfort.

Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications08/02/2021

Edtech: Artificial Intelligence anticipated as hybrid education most coveted fruit

2021 in the classrooms is shaping up to be a combination of face-to-face and virtual classes, whereby the second semester of last year was devoted to preparing this new normal of teaching, both from the public and private sectors. AI emerges as the new way to explore, due to the possibilities it opens up for monitoring the incorporation of knowledge, the prediction of failed processes and the simplification of tasks for the teacher.

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A DIARIO LATINO 22-06-2021

Brasil · Regulation · Operators 21/06/2021

Anatel authorizes Claro to create a tower company

España · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

Telefónica launches its music service already tested in Latin America

México · Operators 21/06/2021

MVNOs double their market share in one year

Chile · Terrestrial Backbones · Internet & OTT · Operators 21/06/2021

National Economic Prosecutor's Office approves the sale of Movistar's fiber optic subsidiary to KKR

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