Monday, April 19, 2021

NPlay Southern Cone 2021

Cambium Networks launches its cnWave solution, in 60 Ghz, throughout the local market

Gustavo Aguirre, Regional Sales Manager Southern Cone, revealed at the end of NPlay Southern Cone 2021, last Friday, this Multi Gigabit Wireless proposal for the last mile. It can be applied to FTTH deployments, high speed corporate accesses, wireless networks between buildings or wireless extensions for fiber networks.

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Regional · Internet & OTT · Politics12/05/2021

Collection of VAT on digital products generalized in the region

Six countries modified their legislation last year to add platform services to taxed activities paid by the consumer. Meanwhile, the income tax remains subject to an unresolved global debate where the OECD leads the way.

Regional · Operators13/05/2021

Telefónica's net profit rose 118.3% in first quarter due to lower costs and a lesser impact of Covid-19

It reached € 886 million, also in response to a stable operating cash flow and to the evolution of exchange rates compared to those recorded by the end of 2020. Revenues fell 9% year-on-year. Hispam contributes 19% of the group's sales, and Brazil, 16%.

Argentina · Internet & OTT · Software and Applications · Operators11/05/2021

Remote management of luminaires: Argentine cities already take advantage of power savings and improved efficiency

The control and monitoring of the light points is consolidated as a first step in the constitution of a Smart City. It generates data and infrastructure capable of being used in other smart city verticals. In addition, as it is an already mature market in technological terms, it is experiencing its own evolution from 3G and 4G to NB-IoT, which will lead to greater economic viability.

Brasil · Submarine Cables · Terrestrial Backbones · Politics10/05/2021

TCU questions could delay spectrum 5G tender

The construction of an exclusive network for the State and the subwater network of the Amazonia Program lack the minimum documentation necessary for their evaluation by the control body.

Regional · Internet & OTT07/05/2021

OLX: the 100% digital business model to compete in the region

Present in Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Argentina which was the country that had the most growth in 2020, after the conversion to a 100% online model that was developed in the country and is replicated in others. Convergencialatina spoke with Ernesto Mendizabal, CEO of Olx Autos Argentina, who explained that the company aims to be able to buy cars anywhere in Argentina and test alliance models with auto dealerships installed in the provinces.

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A DIARIO LATINO 15-05-2021

Argentina · Fixed Broadband · Internet & OTT 14/05/2021

Internet Virtual Day 2021 event to be held on Monday and Tuesday next week

Perú · Operators 14/05/2021

MVNO Suma Móvil starts actvities

Bolivia · Pay TV · Operators 14/05/2021

During the pandemic Cotel lost 40% of pay TV subscribers

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