Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Collection of VAT on digital products generalized in the region

Six countries modified their legislation last year to add platform services to taxed activities paid by the consumer. Meanwhile, the income tax remains subject to an unresolved global debate where the OECD leads the way.

In recent years, Latin American governments have joined the trend of applying taxes to digital platforms. The trend was stressed in 2020 due to the government need to increase tax revenues to face the pandemic. Large and medium-sized Latin American economies have already established these taxes with the striking exception of Brazil, although that status would soon change. Nor does Panama apply taxes on platform operations.

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Globales · Internet & OTT29/12/2021

After the claim of European operators, in the USA they also ask that big tech companies finance new networks

The proposal was made by one of the members of the FCC, the US regulator, who said that large technology firms must contribute to the Universal Service Fund. In Europe, telcos say they have invested more than € 52 billion this year and that the contribution from Google, Facebook and others was null.

Argentina · Internet & OTT · Data Center · Operators22/12/2021

National Public Cloud: Arsat to enter Latin American market in 2022

The Argentine state company will incorporate technology, personnel and network updates, in addition to strengthening the data center.

México · Pay TV · Internet & OTT · Operators16/12/2021

The permission to Claro TV, the holiday gift that the IFT prepares for América Móvil

The Mexican regulator has everything ready to issue its ruling, which would be favorable to the granting of a permit to provide TV to the mobile operator. This is questioned by experts and companies in the field, who assure that it is prohibited by Telmex’s concession contract, which would be the "indirect" operator of the service.

Globales · Software and Applications01/11/2021

Facebook: the bet on virtual reality and the harsh reality to overcome

With its sights set on VR and AR, Meta will allocate huge financial resources to fund its investigations. From a technology viewpoint, the proposals are promising. But critical views suggest that the corporate structure will remain the same.

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